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We are here to help people of all ages help themselves whether you are a young person seeking training to start your career or a more experienced person with an existing business we can help… We also help the community and network businesses through programs and events.

Media Management London CIC, have made it our purpose to understand how important it is for young people to have options as they mature through life. Our website provides a unique opportunity to work with educational partners who will look for interns or volunteers to get them on their first steps of a career.

We have an AP (Alternative Provision) called the Levi Foundation if you are between the ages 11-18 you can access experienced ‘DBS’ classes, this will have to be checked and agreed through your current school as we help to refocus you the individual and get you back into mainstream school. Our courses tend to last 6-12 weeks. We have multiple courses and all are based around life skills, you will continue with us to keep up to date with your current curriculum but the time with us will be invaluable.

We work with service providers with successful and stimulating programmes ready to deliver to young people, which can be viewed at a glance through our website. For more information feel free to contact us:




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