Hosting is your websites insurance. Start today. A very important point to remember is that a website is not something to publish on the internet then forget about. It must be maintained. You must have it checked regularly, at least weekly, to ensure everything is functioning as it should and links to other pages are still working, for several reasons things may suddenly stop.

If you have an existing website you should be looking to make small but significant design changes every six months and should re-design your site every 18 months. Having us check on your website regularly is insurance for your website. This is necessary to ensure visitors keep returning to your website.

We can offer checking, updating, and re-designing services at cost price to local companies.In order to assist our clients, present, and future, in budgeting for the maintenance of their websites, we have simplified and reduced prices on our maintenance packages as below.


We would prefer that clients agree in advance – at least one month – to a particular maintenance package, (upgradeable at any time), for a set period of time if you, the client, think that any maintenance will be required on your website in the near future. This has a number of advantages: We will contact you from submitted ticket and you can be confident of knowing exactly when your maintenance and updates will be actioned, We will schedule your website works to the agreed time. We will book in and allocate resources to your maintenance from agreed task. .

At present we schedule maintenance periods for clients with pre-booked packages fortnightly, we find this is suitable for clients who have rolling news or items of new events happening on a regular basis to publicise. Why it's worth to choose Wire Foundation? Great customer care and we make sure we deliver work to high standards.



We can offer Secure Backups and SSL certification from £30... Talk to us in regards to safer security.



Our websites are hosting on the very highest servers. Taking out a plugin update page is sound advice



Our technical team is committed to making sure we respond to any requested issues within 24 hours.



Once your website is complete, discuss with our marketing team on ways to attract traffic to your website - Apps - Marketing Material


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